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God Pride!

On a Mission from God!

I Was Born Gay? 


Homosexuality runs in the family line as a generational curse, which is passed to the 2nd, 3rd and 4th generations--of those who disobey God in this area. Therefore, the demons tempt each generation into the same sin. Or, when someone is molested by a same sex person, this is when and where the homosexual demons enter.

That is it completely! There is no other way. Demons enter a person when sin is present and acted on as with any of the above. Once in, they further manipulate and enslave deep control and addiction to homosexuality. Also, with each sexual relationship further exchanging demons and attachments of the person you were with since the Bible says two become one flesh during a sexual bond.

Please know that I am not for homosexual bashing and God isn't either. I simply want to examine the truth. As a matter of fact, God has clearly expressed His love for the homosexual through His Son Jesus Christ. The question of whether or not God loves homosexuals was settled when Jesus was crucified on the cross, taking the punishment for sin. (Romans 5:8)

The fact is, God loves you and is deeply concerned about your life. He warns us that there are consequences to our actions. Just as God has created natural laws on the earth, such as the law of gravity, there are also spiritual laws that apply to our lives and are explained within the Bible. (Romans 6:23)

There is deliverance from 

Homosexuality through 

Jesus Christ.

Rescued From Homosexuality and the Occult: Man 31 Years Old

The emissaries of the evil one wasted no time, in beginning their work on me. I was not yet four years old when a homosexual relative in my family began doing things to me. He taught me how to practice certain perverse acts with him.

About this time my mother died, and I began to have terrible nightmares. These were so strangely real, I would awake to find myself lying on the floor many nights. These frightening dreams so terrorized me that I would waken trying desperately to scream, but unable to make a sound. In desperation, I would beat the walls with my fists to summon help.

One awful dream which recurred frequently involved a witch who assaulted me sexually, and all the while clutched her inch long fingernails into my lower abdomen with such violence, that I was filled with excruciating pain. Although the dreams were sexual, there was no pleasure in them for me because I was in such utter misery and agony. A rejection/rebellion pattern developed in my life causing me to be a serious problem at home, and in school. I could not get along with others, and was constantly involved in fights.

When I was eight my homosexual relative moved in with us, and his bedroom adjoined mine. He immediately resumed his sexual practices with me. Because my conscience troubled me, I asked him if there was anything in the Bible forbidding this sort of thing. Of course he assured me there was nothing wrong with what he had taught me to do.

By the time I was nine I had become very fearful of the dark. I reasoned that if darkness and I were friends, I would no longer need to be afraid. I invoked darkness, and asked it to come to me -- and it did. Swallowing me in his arms, he took me I knew not where, then returned me to my room. After this experience I never feared darkness again. But, the evil spirits which entered me then became very active-- although I did not understand it at the time.

When I was ten, a godly uncle who was a minister led me to receive the Lord. I confessed my sins to the Lord, and asked him to come into my life, and make me his. I felt a tremendous weight of sin come off my back, and felt pure and clean for the first time in years.

My teen years were filled with rebellion against every kind of authority. When I was thirteen, I read a book called Flying Saucers Have Landed and was fascinated by it. It was packed full of theosophy from the amplified writings of Annie Besant.

Of course, I knew nothing about the occult or the dangers which curiosity could bring to the unwary. Evil spirits took full advantage of my ignorant dabbling, and many more came into me through the open doors of my inquiring mind.

The Lord heard the faithful intercession of my parents and other faithful ones. When I was 18, God suddenly moved in my life and almost overnight I lost interest in running with the wild crowd--which I formerly cultivated. Soon, I was baptized in water, and the Lord had his hand on me in a stronger way than I had ever experienced.‚Äč

The following year, I received the baptism in the Holy Spirit, which turned me upside down. My life was filled with a new power which I had never known. God began to use me as never before. My life plans and ambitions underwent a drastic change and in a short time, I was on the mission field in South America.

In spite of this, I was still plagued and grieved by overpowering sexual temptations. It was hard to determine how much was the work of demons, and how much was the result of my own lustful desires. I studied much about the finished work of Christ, and how to appropriate it by faith. This light from scripture gave me a new lease on life spiritually. Again, there was a dramatic change for the better as I began to put these principles into operation.

There was still one major area which remained untouched and unchanged. Sexual problems began to dog my steps, and I became deeply depressed by my continual defeats in this part of my life. All of my glowing successes in other facets of my spiritual life were dampened by my steady failures to control the physical. The enemy accused constantly.

How could I as a Christian still have such things in my life? Who would or could understand such problems? Should I go on giving testimony when surely I was the worst kind of hypocrite! Desperate over my problems, I toyed with the idea of throwing over everything: my faith, my beliefs, and everything else. It all seemed so hopeless, and dark.

God is so merciful. At this time, the manuscript of Battling the Hosts of Hell -- Diary of an Exorcist, and the book Pigs in the Parlor came into my hands. As I read the testimonies in the books of people set free, hope flooded my heart. Now, I knew the problem was I needed deliverance. This is why none of the spiritual remedies brought more than partial relief. Unfortunately, I was in a very legalistic group, and there was nobody there with the love, discernment, and power I needed.

I determined to seek the Lord alone, and went to my room, and began to cry out to God, to set me free. The Holy Spirit had shown me that I had spirits of Bitterness, Resentment, and Criticism. I prayed softly, "Spirit of Bitterness, come out." Then I waited in faith, silently, expecting Jesus to set me free.

After about 5 minutes, there was a sudden stab of knife-like pain in my lower abdomenand. It then moved (I could feel it distinctly) up through my chest, into my throat, and finally out with a dry rasping retch. Suprisingly enough, no food came up, even though I had eaten only 30 minutes earlier. I did the same thing with the other 2 spirits, and they also came up, and out with coughing, choking, and heaving.

It was only a small beginning, but I felt greatly relieved, and like a different person. Because of fear of criticism, or misunderstanding, I said nothing to my co-workers. However, there were remarks from them, indicating that they too could tell a difference in me. Happily, I answered simply, "Praise the Lord, He's changing me."

Although this method of deliverance works, it is even better when you have believers that love you, and love the Lord, to cast out the spirits. I knew I still needed help, and began to pray for the Lord to send someone to help me. Our group lacked love, compassion, and understanding, necessary to aid those who failed in their lives. Because of this, everyone attempted to hide their problems. Exposure meant open censure, and harsh ridicule, vicious condemnation, threatening of loss of salvation, and a ruined life. In that sort of climate, it is almost impossible to receive deliverance.

By a direct miracle of God, the Worleys were sent to the mission in Columbia, for a 2 1/2 day visit. When I met them, I was impressed by the concern, and love they seemed to have for all of us. Somehow, I sensed that they would not despise me for my failures. One night Pastor Worley said to me, "Come over here son, I want to pray for you."

I had suffered for over 5 years with a chronic, incurable sinus problem. My whole head would throb with unbelievable pain, and nothing would relieve it. Many nights I got little or no sleep, and paced the floor all night, groaning in pain.

When Pastor Worley prayed, my body began twisting, and writhing. My strength drained out, and I sank to the floor, as the spirits began to manifest. He sternly commanded "the spirits of Sinus, Arthritis, Cancer, Tumor, Cyst and Hernia - come out of him now, in the Name of Jesus Christ." I listened in amazement. I knew the sinus was right, but did I really have all those others? Oh, how I wanted to be free! I did not have long to wait. One by one, the spirits he named began to leave my body. He and his wife prayed steadily for nearly 2 hours, and the Lord continually gave them the names of other evil spirits. When they were called out, they were forced to go.

One group of Witchcraft, and Perversion spirits, proved to be particularly resistant to leaving. Locked together, they put up a fierce battle, trying to hold on. Others which left during the raging battle included: Fear of Homosexuality, Fear of Giving, and Recieving Love, Hatred, Violence, Murder, Anger, Despair, Retaliation, Depression, Suicide, Guilt, Shame, Condemnation, Unworthiness, Frustration, and many, many others. There was also a whole package of lust spirits, of all kinds and varieties. I was exhausted, but happy beyond words!

Before he left, Win told me that I still had a spirit called Seething Anger, which did not leave. Later on, this spirit would manifest by writhing in my lower abdomen, like a huge snake. Under this ruler were spirits of Destruction, Self Destruction, Anger, Rage, Wrath, Murder, and Frustration.

When these spirits stirred inside of me, I would feel as if I could tear anyone, or anything to pieces. Some other missionaries prayed for me several months later, and these spirits too were cast out.

When I made my second visit to Hegewisch church, I mentioned to the pastor that for years, I had suffered from hypoglycemia. After this spirit was commanded to manifest and leave in Jesus' Name, he put up a brief but determined resistance, and finally left, in an explosion of coughing. Since that time, I have had no further symptoms of weakness, or shaking when hungry, or at any other time. Praise the Lord!

A spirit of Jezebel, with his complementary spirit Fear of Jezebel were discerned. Both had entered me during my childhood. They had plagued me for many years, and had helped to maneuver into the group dominated, by the elderly widow. Their cultic structure, wielded absolute authority, over every detail of the members' lives, effectively smothering all individual initiative, achievment, and growth.

This evil control spirit discouraged marriage as being inferior, and on occasion, even broke up marriages. Celibacy, and dedication to the goals of the group, were advanced as a superior way of living. Any deviation was denounced, dealt with severly, and the culprit held up to public ridicule, and censure for weeks as punishment.

This spirit of Witchcraft Control was extremely difficult to break with, even after I left the group. It took a week of intensive warfare, fasting, praying, and renouncing it in Jesus' name to break its power over me. At times, when this particular spirit would manifest, I felt as if there were cold, steel fingers, clamped around my mind.

Praise the Lord that Jesus is theVictor, and the Deliverer, of all who will come to Him! May the Lord use this testimony to give hope to those in bondage, and despair, as I was. I pray it may cause them to be able to trust Jesus, not only as the Savior of their souls, but, also their deliverer.

Further information concerning the deliverance ministry and where to recieve deliverance can be found at the following website: